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Dry Offset Explained

What Is Dry Offset Printing?

Dry offset printing utilizes a relief printing plate that transfers or “offsets” multiple colors to a rubber pad or "blanket." The blanket then transfers an inked image to a substrate such as polypropylene drink cups as shown.

The “dry” in dry offset, refers to the absence of water in the inking system.  This is In contrast to offset lithography wherein water is used to dampen and repel oil-based ink from the non-print areas of a printing plate.

Dry offset ink is cured onto the substrate using high intensity ultra-violet light. UV ink has a viscosity similar to peanut butter, depending on ingredients and temperature.

Some common products decorated using the dry offset process are: plastic beverage and dairy containers, plastic lids, cosmetic tubes, aluminum cans, industrial plastic buckets and pails.

Larger image opens in a new window: UV Ink Larger image opens in a new window: form roller stripe on plate Larger image opens in a new window: Roller train / Plate cylinder
UV Ink
Form roller stripe on plate
Roller train / Plate cylinder

Blanket transferring image to the container

Blanket transferring image to the container.

Dry Offset cup printer

Dry Offset cup printer



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